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It’s the way DJs got New Music back in the day!

The biggest question we’ve had to answer so far is: “So, what’s a Record Pool?” To put it simply, a Record Pool is a centralized locale where DJs can pick up and exchange records to play in Nightclubs. The concept originated in NYC during the mid ’70’s, where a group of DJs combined their efforts to more efficiently receive Vinyl Records from the Major Labels (without spending their paychecks to buy them), and distribute them to fellow DJs for play in clubs. This also provided a channel for labels to collect information on spins in nightclubs, an extremely difficult task even in today’s Information Age.

Relax Online Indie Record Pool modernizes this “lo-fi” approach, matching Great Music to Great DJs in a one stop locale, while adding a Social Media “spin” on the concept. There are more than 100,000 Internet Radio Stations, tens of thousands of Broadcast Stations (both Commercial and Non-Commercial) and millions of Club DJs spinning music across the globe. There are at least 10 million recording artists making and releasing music (some may say the number is closer to 50 million). Even with a plethora of music sites out there, it is difficult for DJs to filter through 100 million songs to find the next track to play.

We intend to change this.

Through the Social side of our site, we intend to unite Indie Recording Artists and Indie Disc Jockeys, giving both sides what they want. Great DJs are always looking for the next great track to play, Great Artists are always seeking to have their music heard. Think of Relax Online Indie Record Pool as a Social Media Site (read: Facebook) for Bands and DJs. We’re not trying to be all things to all people. We want to unite two sides of a very fragmented and misguided industry.

Sure, the Major Labels control Commercial Radio, control Online Sales, and control Live Performances in almost every major concert venue. This access is reserved for the artists they feel meet the Lowest Common Denominator to reach the Largest Audience, and more importantly, make them the most money. While this accounts for maybe 2000 Major Recording Artists and maybe 10,000 Commercial Radio DJs, what about the rest of the world? What about the millions of Musicians and DJs that utilize their immense talents solely for the Love of Music? What about all the Great Songs that go unnoticed, yet deserve to be heard and appreciated?

More importantly how to corral all this talent? Yes, both Recording Artists AND DJs are talented at what they do… neither can exist and prosper without the other. Every DJ has a genre they prefer to play, just as Recording Artists have their own style of music they create. Everyone is unique, and has something to offer in the Artist/DJ relationship… but how do both Artists and DJs find one another?

That is why this site exists. To bring both parties together in one place, where Artists can feature their Best Song(s) and DJs can find them. At the same time, we’re here to provide both parties a Social Platform to get to know each other as colleagues, collaborators, and as friends.

Think of this… the two people that created this version of just so happen to be a Musician and a DJ. Together, with your help, both Musicians and DJs across the globe — from all walks of life and music lovers from all genres of music — are building this site to bypass the system that we all fight against as Independent Recording Artists and DJs.

This is going to be a wild ride… Welcome to Relax Online Indie Record Pool!

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Michael Melcher and Kyle Bateman for their incredible support in getting this project off the ground. With out their help, this version of would not be possible. Be sure to visit a great resource for Indie Recording Artists to find like minded Musicians in your Local Area.

About Relax Online

Exposing Indie Music since 1995! launched in the Summer of 1995 as a part of our original promotion company, Relax Productions. At that time, we were a promotion house based in Columbia, Missouri, working hundreds of Indie Bands, Indie Label and Major Label projects to College Radio. At one point, we had more than 11 members on staff, working all genres of music. Back when we first launched, we were still shipping Vinyl Records and CDs. My how things have changed.

The original operated as an Indie Music Site to support our Radio Promotion projects. At the time before MP3, the state of online music was in flux. Using Real Audio files in their early stage, we were one of the first indie music sites online that offered recording artists the opportunity to be heard. Look up on the Internet Archive… you may laugh but at the time, that site was sophisticated for it’s day.

As the internet began to grow, this site evolved to an Indie Art and Music Portal, offering audio, video, photos, poetry and artwork. In 2000 and 2001, offered daily content posted from the Robin Trower tours in those years.

For the last dozen years, we’ve been hosting our Legacy Content from the late 1999 through 2003 era. We added Musician Resources to the site, featuring articles, music and videos from Indie Bands, as well as our well used College Radio, Management and Record Label databases. We’re still hosting an 80’s Indie Band called State Of Shock, as they are the first band managed by our principal, Patrick Rule… getting him into this crazy business. Be sure to check out their page, and hear what they sounded like. is a part of Relax Music Group, Music Consulting, Management and Promotion firm. We are comprised of seasoned music industry professionals representing decades of combined experience in all aspects of the business. We have helped to launch the careers of countless artists, and have devoted our work in recent years to Promoting, Exposing and Supporting Indie Music.

We invite you to get more information about our company, including biographical profiles on our Principals, by visiting

Our goals with, and, are to provide low cost and no cost exposure opportunities for independent recording artists, and to educate the public on the vast world of music outside the mainstream. We see these sites as platforms to provide promotion and marketing support, using a crowd sourced business model, where participating artists share the expense of exposing their music.

If you need assistance with any aspect of, or, please feel free to contact Patrick Rule at 573-355-9799 or by e-mail at patrick (at)


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