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Featured Artists – Spring 2015 CD

Size: 600 x 240

Relax Online Indie Record Pool

“In order for music to be appreciated, it first must be heard”

Through our sister site, the following artists came together to Crowd Source our 2015 Spring College Radio CD Project. In addition to their presentation here, these artists have their tracks compiled on a Physical CD that is distributed to the Top College and Public Radio Stations across the US.

All DJs are invited to Download and Play the following tunes in your programming. If you are a College or Public Radio DJ, check with your Music Director or Music Librarian for the physical copy.

If you have any questions about this or future projects, please contact Patrick Rule at 573-355-9799 or by e-mail at patrick (at)

Featured Artists

  1. Spring 2015 CD Indie Record Pool 0:01
  2. Feel n' Hear Blind Fret (Blues) 4:56
  3. Play for You (Song for Mitch) Blind Fret ft. Shawn Helm (Blues) 3:24
  4. Burned To Ashes Clay Snyder (Adult Alternative) 3:26
  5. Your Own Path Clay Snyder (Adult Alternative) 3:42
  6. Calls to the Dead Phone Deadphonecalls (Techno) 4:41
  7. Blink (The Baby is Crying) Deadphonecalls (Techno) 4:36
  8. Human Nature The Vimana (Rock) 3:14
  9. Shades of Grey The Vimana (Rock) 3:00
  10. Man Don't Know A Thing Aeons Promise (Christian Rock) 4:45
  11. Let It All Go Cat Cork (Adult Alternative) 3:05
  12. Bartender Crimson Sun (Americana)
  13. Breaking Me DeadSleep (Modern Rock) 3:26
  14. SAY Lions Named Leo (Alternative Rock) 4:14
  15. Easy Love Orange Grove (Reggae, R&B) 3:33
  16. Here With Me St.Aria (Alternative Rock) 2:54
  17. Money Man Kyle Warren (Adult Alternative) 3:26