Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is this site all about? Indie Record Pool is a Public Site, featuring Top Indie Talent across All Genres of Music. Featured Artists and Music Placements are available for Streaming to Any and All Visitors to our site. Relax Online is also a Social Site that seeks to unite like minded Indie Recording Artists and Indie Disc Jockeys. Unlike other Social Media Sites, Relax Online seeks only to unite Indie Bands and Recording Artists, who can Place or Feature Music for Download, and Indie DJs, who can Find Music for Airplay.

2. Why are you doing this?  DJs are always on the look out for Cool New Music to play for their audiences. We seek to provide them with a one stop locale to discover Indie Talent that rivals (or exceeds) the quality of Major Label product. Recording Artists are always seeking more Airplay and Exposure for their music, especially with Radio, Internet and Club DJs. We want to create a Social Platform to unite Recording Artists and Disc Jockeys, two important sides of the Indie Music scene that quite frankly, need one another, especially in an overcrowded marketplace.

3. What are the costs involved?  The Social side of is absolutely free for Recording Artists and Disc Jockeys. You are welcome to create your profiles, share posts and links, and create a dialogue between fellow artists and DJs. You may embed YouTube and Soundcloud links on your profiles and in public spaces. However, MP3s or other Music Files may not be posted on the Social side of Relax Online. There is a fee for Placing Songs for Immediate Download by our Member DJs, and those fees defray the development and operating costs of

4. Can anyone download my music?  No, only Member DJs of Relax Online can download music Placed or Featured from the Social side our site. Featured Artists and Music Placements featured on the Public pages of Relax Online are only available for streaming. While we may add a Fan Space to the Social side in the future, at the present time, we are only seeking to populate our community with Recording Artists, DJs, and other Indie workers of the Music Industry. But only Member DJs will have access to the downloadable files on Relax Online.

5. How do I create my profile?  Simply Click Here and follow the instructions on creating your profile. You will find features on our Social side that are familiar to users of other social media sites. You are encouraged to share all of your existing social media and music site links. Once your profile is created, you can ask to be invited to one of several “Spaces” within Relax Online that will allow you to meet up with fellow Recording Artists as well as DJs. There are spaces that are exclusive only to Recording Artists, as well as spaces that are exclusive only to Disc Jockeys.

6. How do I get invited to a Space?  Think of our Social side like a Music Convention. There are Artists, there are DJs, and there are other members of the Industry. Everyone is welcome to introduce yourself, what you do, and what you are looking for in the Public Spaces. Some spaces are Open and Public, others are Member created private spaces. There are also Administration created private spaces that are invite only to specific members of our community. Simply ask to be invited, and include a brief note about you.

7. How do I get invited to a Group?  Just ask. Like some of our Spaces, some of our Groups are Private or Invite Only to specific members of Relax Online. Other groups are open to every one. Once you are a Member, you can create your own Spaces and Groups, and invite other members to join them.

8. I’ve set up my profile, what do I do now?  Let your fellow Musicians and/or DJs know about this endeavor! Tweet about to your followers and post about us on Facebook. The sooner we populate the Social side of Relax Online, the faster we can develop this project to the benefit of all involved.

9. I want to feature my music on How do I do that?  First off, if you haven’t done so already, please complete a Submission Form so we can review your music. While we are open to all genres of music, we also want to make sure that all songs placed on are Radio Ready for our DJ Members. Once you have been approved, simply visit our Get Featured page and follow the instructions. All Placements and Featured Artists are placed on the Public and Social side of our site by hand. Depending on volume, it could take a day or two to get your music on posted. If you have any questions about Placement, please contact Patrick Rule at 573-355-9799 or by e-mail at patrick (at)

10. I am a DJ. How do I download music from  For starters, Join our site and set up your Profile. Once you have joined, make sure to send an Invite Request to the Disc Jockey space within the Social side of the site. If you need any further assistance, please contact Patrick Rule at 573-355-9799 or by e-mail at patrick (at)

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