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Erick Macek

  1. No Worries Erick Macek 3:54
  2. Love Erick Macek 3:36
  3. You Say stripped (feat. Kate Earl) Erick Macek 3:16

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Erick Macek EP 500Erick Macek sees his music as an unending expression of daily life. “I create. I love. I fail. I do it again. I live. I learn. I love harder.” This message rings clear in the first single, No Worries, from his new self-titled EP.

The EP was fully crowd-sourced and is filled with guest appearances. Mikal Blue, who holds a Grammy for his work with Jason Mraz, produced, mixed and engineered the project. Erick, and co-writer/vocalist Kate Earl, were accompanied by bass player Dean Dinning, from Toad the Wet Sprocket, on their duet You Say. They produced two versions of the song, one of which Earl will also release later this year.

Macek says, “I joke about being an international hugger and high fiver. These gestures, along with my music, only scratch the surface of how important the word love is in my life, and how much I want to express it moving forward.” The song Love, which features Katie Shorey, Caroline Brooks, Katie Cole, and Moi Navarro, articulates this ideal.

Over the past year, songs from Macek’s prior album, Colors May Change, have received a tremendous amount of music placement. CBS used his work in the series Life Unexpected, Melrose Place and 90210. The feature film The Opposite Sex, which stars Mena Suvari and Geoff Stults, used Long, Long, Time for the closing credits.

Recently, Erick has been co-writing with artists like James Ragan and Robbie Boyd. In his spare time he pursues his interest in men’s fashion by modeling.

Cory Sipper

  1. Holding Strong Cory Sipper 3:47
  2. Campfire (feat. Glen Phillips) Cory Sipper 3:54
  3. This Is The Day Cory Sipper 3:48

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corysipperphotoCory Sipper has been writing and performing songs since the tender age of 13. She has four critically acclaimed albums out and her fifth “Make Your Magic” is being released in Spring 2015. Cory’s songs and voice have been used in hundreds of TV shows, films and commercials over the years, both nationally and internationally. Some of her most recent placements include: American Idol, Bates Motel, The Today Show and Law and Order. Cory has toured nationally opening up for such bands as The Samples and Toad The Wet Sprocket. She has recorded with many fantastic musicians including artists Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Glen Phillips, Peter Himmelman, drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. and percussionist Lenny Castro. Cory has had a top 10 single in Japan and toured there, as well.

After a long break from actively pursuing her music career, Cory is now excited to release “Make Your Magic.” Cory lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her very nice husband, two little girls, 2 dogs, 9 chickens, 2 ducks, 2 fish, and a cat that bites. Cory is a happy person, much happier now that she is doing her music again.

Featured Artists – Spring 2015 CD

Size: 600 x 240

Relax Online Indie Record Pool

“In order for music to be appreciated, it first must be heard”

Through our sister site, the following artists came together to Crowd Source our 2015 Spring College Radio CD Project. In addition to their presentation here, these artists have their tracks compiled on a Physical CD that is distributed to the Top College and Public Radio Stations across the US.

All DJs are invited to Download and Play the following tunes in your programming. If you are a College or Public Radio DJ, check with your Music Director or Music Librarian for the physical copy.

If you have any questions about this or future projects, please contact Patrick Rule at 573-355-9799 or by e-mail at patrick (at)

Featured Artists

  1. Spring 2015 CD Indie Record Pool 0:01
  2. Feel n' Hear Blind Fret (Blues) 4:56
  3. Play for You (Song for Mitch) Blind Fret ft. Shawn Helm (Blues) 3:24
  4. Burned To Ashes Clay Snyder (Adult Alternative) 3:26
  5. Your Own Path Clay Snyder (Adult Alternative) 3:42
  6. Calls to the Dead Phone Deadphonecalls (Techno) 4:41
  7. Blink (The Baby is Crying) Deadphonecalls (Techno) 4:36
  8. Human Nature The Vimana (Rock) 3:14
  9. Shades of Grey The Vimana (Rock) 3:00
  10. Man Don't Know A Thing Aeons Promise (Christian Rock) 4:45
  11. Let It All Go Cat Cork (Adult Alternative) 3:05
  12. Bartender Crimson Sun (Americana)
  13. Breaking Me DeadSleep (Modern Rock) 3:26
  14. SAY Lions Named Leo (Alternative Rock) 4:14
  15. Easy Love Orange Grove (Reggae, R&B) 3:33
  16. Here With Me St.Aria (Alternative Rock) 2:54
  17. Money Man Kyle Warren (Adult Alternative) 3:26

Clay Snyder

  1. Nameless Clay Snyder 3:45
  2. Burned To Ashes Clay Snyder 3:26
  3. Your Own Path Clay Snyder 3:42

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Clay Snyder is a Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist. Mainland born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Clay was island raised in Honolulu, Hawaii by his mother following the untimely death of his father. It was in Hawaii where Clay began to truly hone his craft as a singer, guitarist, drummer, and writer. Embarking on his personal healing process, he developed melodic melodies and rich vocals which have set him apart; coupled with his unique timing and rhythms, he has developed a truly unique musical style that enables Clay to “Spread the Aloha lifestyle, the positive vibes that heal.” While his debut album, Your Own Path, had gained Clay an international following, and is available on iTunes, Amazon and ReverbNation. Clay is currently in the studio recording a new album that will be hitting shelves in early 2015. He loves music with every part of his being and will continue to share his story with the world. Clay currently resides in Erie, Pennsylvania.