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The Fool I Am

  1. Fish Pond All On Fire The Fool I Am 2:47
  2. Little Red Armadillo The Fool I Am 4:39
  3. Music Is My Time Machine The Fool I Am 3:11

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TheFoolIAmDick Aven’s diverse musical influences have led him to create music that is often challenging to categorize. His personal approach to song structure, flouting convention and fusing musical genres has become a personal trademark. Collaborating with James Sanger Productions, Dick’s current focus–the production and persona “The Fool I Am” has created a groundbreaking melange that is powerful, innovative and irreverent. Perhaps the most striking quality that describes Dick Aven as an artist is his rare combination of developedmusical attributes all retaining a fresh sense of wonder. He is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, lead and side-man performer, whose work encompasses orchestration, composition, improvisation and arrangement.
Using original and traditional lyrics, “The Fool I Am” draws deep from Dick Aven’s song catalog to breathe fresh life into a voice which spans hundreds of years and is sonically, architecturally and emotionally modern.

Andrew Pike

  1. Driftwood Andrew Pike 3:51
  2. People Just Don't Get It Andrew Pike 3:16
  3. Happy Again Andrew Pike 3:20

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Andrew Pike - CavalcadeAndrew Pike is a singer-songwriter and musician located in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Andrew’s extensive catalogue of music ranges from upbeat rock and pop, to smooth classical.

His unique sound and original production has come together to create fun, catchy songs that you catch yourself humming throughout the day.  Andrew Pike’s well-crafted, introspective lyrics are sure to captivate and inspire.Andrew Pike

4 albums: Souvenirs, Strength, Forever Run and the newly released Cavalcade – available at Fred’s Record Store (198 Duckworth Street, St Johns NL – 709 753 9191) & at CD Baby and iTunes.

Andrew Pike is the recipient of 2 NL Arts & Letters Awards, and has been nominated for several MusicNL Awards.

Jay Elle

  1. Twelve on Sunday Jay Elle 3:41

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Jay Elle - Twelve on Sunday 500x500“Twelve on Sunday is an incredible song by artist Jay Elle. Singing about his history he once shared with a girl who he deeply cares for. This single left me with many unanswered questions as a story was revealed in my ears through melody. What ever happened to the girl? For that reason is why I’m in deep hopes for a part two. A beautiful guitar playing in the background, with smooth and passionate lyrics by Jay Elle.
4 out of 5 flames is the rating I feel this single deserves. But take a listen for yourself and you be the judge.”

Anthony Tucker – Trend City Radio

Featured Artists – Spring 2016 CD

Spring 2016 College Radio CD

ROLSpringCD2016-Cover 600x600

“In order for music to be appreciated, it first must be heard…”

For our Spring 2016 College Radio CD project we are fortunate to work with Indie Recording Artists from across the globe representing a wide variety of the Rock Genre. Through our sister sites and, we present the following artists who have come together to Crowd Source this project, as well as its distribution to Top College and Public Radio Stations across the US.

From Asia to Europe to the Americas, our Spring 2016 CD features a fine sample of Top Indie Talent from across the globe for you to enjoy. After much deliberation, we have crafted a coherent soundscape that starts with Modern and Alternative Rock, and weaves its way to some Chill Electronica. After a left turn to more Alternative, Adult Alternative and Singer Songwriter tracks, to ease you down with Americana, Blues and Adult Contemporary tracks, leaving you with an Experimental groove for your final turn.

All DJs are invited to Download and Play the following tunes in your programming. If you are a College or Public Radio DJ, check with your Music Director or Music Librarian for the physical copy. If you have any questions or need CD or Digital servicing, please contact Patrick Rule at 573-355-9799 or by e-mail at patrick (at)

Featured Artists

  1. - Spring 2016 College Radio CD 0:01
  2. Shake It Up! Kings Harem (Modern Rock) 3:38
  3. Surfing Junkies Left Wing Fascists (Alternative Rock) 2:38
  4. Chemical Soul Alien Drive (Modern Rock) 3:43
  5. All These Bitter Days Alien Drive (Modern Rock) 4:36
  6. Driven Aventyr (Modern Rock) 2:39
  7. Restless Doctrine Wavers (Alternative Rock) 3:43
  8. Crushin' LoadStoneD (Modern Rock) 3:48
  9. I Can't Lie to You LoadStoneD (Modern Rock) 4:09
  10. I See You Incognita (Alternative Rock) 3:49
  11. There's Something Wrong The Watanabes (Alternative Rock) 3:40
  12. Lent the Hand An Ordinary Day (Electronica) 4:01
  13. Brick Houses ブリックハウス Carpoolparty カープールパーティー (Electronica) 5:22
  14. Feed The Flames Greenrose Faire (Adult Alternative) 3:49
  15. Happy Again Andrew Pike (Adult Alternative) 3:20
  16. Sunny Day Dimestore Prophets (Adult Alternative/Reggae) 3:23
  17. Hey Darlin' Dimestore Prophets (Adult Alternative/Reggae) 3:50
  18. Lived In Eden Liz Graham (Adult Alternative - Singer/Songwiter) 3:05
  19. Self-Medication Alex Stamper (Adult Alternative - Singer/Songwiter) 3:33
  20. Lay One Down Ed Roman (Americana) 4:34
  21. Crusoe Bread & the Man (Adult Alternative/Americana) 3:05
  22. These Old Blues Bud Elkin & Company (Blues) 4:27
  23. Tuscaloosa Bud Elkin & Company (Blues) 3:35
  24. A Million Flavors Ivar Sigurbergsson (Adult Alternative/Adult Contemporary) 3:58
  25. I Have To Dance Guarded Jungle (Electronica/Experimental) 3:10

Nick Festari

  1. Don't Slam The Radio Nick Festari 4:05
  2. Wings Of An Angel Nick Festari 4:22
  3. You Wanna Make Me Fly (I Know You Belong To A Dream) Nick Festari 3:47

Nick Festari

Nick FestariRoberto Festari (a.k.a. Nick Festari) started to study piano at 9 years old. When he was 16, he became one of the organists of his parish. It was there that he took his first steps accompanying a talented choir during the liturgical celebrations and performances. In that period, Nick met the 2 people who would have believed in him, and together they have been writing some of the best eurobeat hits for years. In 1986 he started a cover band with some friends where he has been playing keyboards for about 2 years.

In 1987 the musicians and Live Music Studio owners Claudio Accatino & Federico Rimonti began to work with the well-known dance producer Mark Farina. Nick Festari started to cooperate with them playing some arrangements and rhythmics, progressively improving his studio work skills. In the meantime, he became a member of a band and gospel/Christian rock choir that performed in some churches and small local theaters. Furthermore, he participated in various song contests as writer, winning the last edition in 1992. In the same year, Accatino & Rimonti joined Time Records (a famous Italian dance label) and proposed to Nick to writing new melodies for the Japanese audience. Two years later, Claudio and Federico started their own label, “HI-NRG ATTACK”, where Festari was involved in writing almost 800 songs in about 20 years, also arranging and often singing these tracks behind many aliases with his own particular style.

These songs have been long appreciated by the Japanese fans and a good part of the world that love eurobeat and Italo-dance. At the end of 2012, Nick considered the chance to undertake a solo career and began to write a voice/piano pop-ballad. Once finished, he took some months to make a hard decision, and in summer 2013 he took a chance and left eurobeat, dance scenes and HI-NRG ATTACK that gave many satisfactions and professional skills to him. Now Nick Festari dives into pop-music trying to reach for a totally new audience with his own style so appreciated in his former path.

The Follow

  1. Everything Reminds Me The Follow 4:17
  2. Across The Plane The Follow 5:53
  3. Into The Mighty Ocean The Follow 4:30

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The Follow K Album CoverThe Follow is a Panoramic Rock trio from Columbia, Missouri that has toured from L.A. to NYC, as well as Europe. The media have supported the band across North America with college and commercial radio airplay. The band’s new album, K, was released January 15, 2015 honoring the life of a fallen brother to Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). Fans claim that the music is for fans of U2, Manchester Orchestra, Pink Floyd, Longwave, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Joy Formidable, Kodaline, and Coldplay.

Played With: Slash & Myles Kennedy, Plain White T’s, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Thousand Foot Krutch, Local H, Ludo, Gooding, Gravity Kills, Thrill Kill Kult, Robin Trower Band

Venue Played: Midland Theatre (Kansas City), The Pageant (St. Louis), Continental Club (NYC), Summit Music Hall (Denver), Café du Nord (San Francisco), Malone’s (Los Angeles), Humphrey’s (San Diego), Acadia (Houston), Texas Tea House (Dallas), VZD’s (OKC), Juanita’s (Little Rock), Gunther Murphy’s (Chicago), Pontiac Grille (Philadelphia), plus Europe

The Follow -BW Landscape Tree (Photo - Bruce Lomasky)This group of best friends from a small Midwestern town have found worldwide support due to consistently streaming live broadcasts for over five years. The streaming shows have been showcased in the band’s World Tour In A Day events featuring five shows in one day, each in a different time zone targeted to a specific country. Their fan base has funded albums and international touring allowing the band to focus on music.

The new album is saturated with heart, tears, and struggle within its very fabric balanced with dreams, hope, and faith. After the loss of the lead singer’s brother to ALS, the band found itself lost for a season. However, the grieving process has blossomed into the new record entitled K. These recordings find The Follow reproducing what its fans have come to love…the energy of the live shows. This album honors life, respects death, and encourages the exploration of the in between.

Reality Serum

  1. Here We Go Reality Serum 4:55
  2. Feels Good Reality Serum 3:30
  3. Smash Up Reality Serum 3:55

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Reality_Serum-2Reality Serum is a 2-man ‘Trans-urban’ band from Long Island, New York. ‘Trans-urban’ is a new genre which is a unique blend of Alternative Hip Hop and guitar driven psychedelic music… fans of Twenty One Pilots, Die Antwoord, Muse (band), The Prodigy, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Mobb Deep, Gary Numan, Cake, etc., will definitely be intrigued. Reality Serum consists of rapper/wordsmith Camanche and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Twizle. After their initial emergence in the music scene, they have received high praise for their musical styling and individualistic sound. The band has released two full-length albums and numerous singles on Supple Records, Inc.

State Line Syndicate

  1. Just My Luck State Line Syndicate 2:37
  2. The Truth State Line Syndicate 3:17

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Meet State Line Syndicate – an atomic-blast of energy packed into a three-piece band with music rooted hard in the vibrant sounds of the power-pop /rock & punk genres. The current line-up creating their electric-vibe includes Makeshift Mike (Guitars, Vocals), Mikey Virgin (Drums) and Joe E (Bass, Backing Vocals); each armed with a determination to make their music career last a lifetime…

Since the official formation of State Line Syndicate in 2013, this band has continued to electrify audiences and have the crowd chanting their songs enthusiastically back to the stage. With a massively-catchy songwriting style that blends the sum of their influences like Green Day, Weezer and early Blink-182 into their own unique and explosively energetic sound – they’ve ensured one-hundred percent quality in every note and tone by keeping State Line Syndicate a unified three-piece.

The Vimana

  1. Human Nature The Vimana 3:14
  2. Shades of Grey The Vimana 3:00

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THE VIMANA is an all original Rock band from Dallas, Texas founded in 2006 by Producer, Guitarist & Vocalist Kyle Bateman.

Our sole mission is to rise above our own musical consciousness. To inspire, create new, raw, concise, powerful, soulful, sonic and energetic music.

Have you ever noticed that lately everything on the radio sounds the same? Hmm…

Be sure to check out our new single release “HUMAN NATURE” available for purchase online at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many more…