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Featured Artists – Spring 2016 CD

Spring 2016 College Radio CD

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“In order for music to be appreciated, it first must be heard…”

For our Spring 2016 College Radio CD project we are fortunate to work with Indie Recording Artists from across the globe representing a wide variety of the Rock Genre. Through our sister sites and, we present the following artists who have come together to Crowd Source this project, as well as its distribution to Top College and Public Radio Stations across the US.

From Asia to Europe to the Americas, our Spring 2016 CD features a fine sample of Top Indie Talent from across the globe for you to enjoy. After much deliberation, we have crafted a coherent soundscape that starts with Modern and Alternative Rock, and weaves its way to some Chill Electronica. After a left turn to more Alternative, Adult Alternative and Singer Songwriter tracks, to ease you down with Americana, Blues and Adult Contemporary tracks, leaving you with an Experimental groove for your final turn.

All DJs are invited to Download and Play the following tunes in your programming. If you are a College or Public Radio DJ, check with your Music Director or Music Librarian for the physical copy. If you have any questions or need CD or Digital servicing, please contact Patrick Rule at 573-355-9799 or by e-mail at patrick (at)

Featured Artists

  1. - Spring 2016 College Radio CD 0:01
  2. Shake It Up! Kings Harem (Modern Rock) 3:38
  3. Surfing Junkies Left Wing Fascists (Alternative Rock) 2:38
  4. Chemical Soul Alien Drive (Modern Rock) 3:43
  5. All These Bitter Days Alien Drive (Modern Rock) 4:36
  6. Driven Aventyr (Modern Rock) 2:39
  7. Restless Doctrine Wavers (Alternative Rock) 3:43
  8. Crushin' LoadStoneD (Modern Rock) 3:48
  9. I Can't Lie to You LoadStoneD (Modern Rock) 4:09
  10. I See You Incognita (Alternative Rock) 3:49
  11. There's Something Wrong The Watanabes (Alternative Rock) 3:40
  12. Lent the Hand An Ordinary Day (Electronica) 4:01
  13. Brick Houses ブリックハウス Carpoolparty カープールパーティー (Electronica) 5:22
  14. Feed The Flames Greenrose Faire (Adult Alternative) 3:49
  15. Happy Again Andrew Pike (Adult Alternative) 3:20
  16. Sunny Day Dimestore Prophets (Adult Alternative/Reggae) 3:23
  17. Hey Darlin' Dimestore Prophets (Adult Alternative/Reggae) 3:50
  18. Lived In Eden Liz Graham (Adult Alternative - Singer/Songwiter) 3:05
  19. Self-Medication Alex Stamper (Adult Alternative - Singer/Songwiter) 3:33
  20. Lay One Down Ed Roman (Americana) 4:34
  21. Crusoe Bread & the Man (Adult Alternative/Americana) 3:05
  22. These Old Blues Bud Elkin & Company (Blues) 4:27
  23. Tuscaloosa Bud Elkin & Company (Blues) 3:35
  24. A Million Flavors Ivar Sigurbergsson (Adult Alternative/Adult Contemporary) 3:58
  25. I Have To Dance Guarded Jungle (Electronica/Experimental) 3:10

Harp Samuels

  1. Lonely Harp Samuels 4:45

Harp Samuels

Harp SamuelsHarp Samuels is an alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a unique, modern, emotional and beautiful style. Dedicated and passionate about art in all its forms, he is also a professional photographer who works in film, and has either shot or painted his own album covers and all related artwork. His debut release, Getting There, rides in on a wave of creative acclaim: the track ‘Ghost-Town’ received terrestrial radio airplay and ‘Taken by Beauty’ was featured at #14 on Grammy Award nominated producer Al Walser’s Weekly Top Twenty radio show out of Los Angeles.

Though this is his first solo EP, Harp is by no means new to the craft. He has traveled and performed internationally,
done session work for other artists and has composed music for television, having songs placed in motion pictures as well as scoring two short films. He writes, records and produces all of his own material, and is deeply involved in his own video productions, somehow finding time to collaborate with others whenever he has the opportunity. In love with travel, people, music, film and psychology, he cites influences from artists such as Damien Rice, Bon Iver, The Civil Wars and John Mayer, as well as soundtrack composers Thomas Newman and John Powell.

Beyond the music, Harp has won awards for his photography and runs photography expos all over his native Australia. Stating an obsession with beauty in all its forms, he is doing music because of the emotional and healing impact it can have: That a vulnerable and well-crafted song can offer the strength to help us endure whatever we are going through at the most difficult of times, that is truly a noble thing to want to share with the world.

Black Bears Fire

  1. Bite The Hook Black Bears Fire 2:24
  2. Long Song Black Bears Fire 3:08
  3. Way Down Black Bears Fire 3:42

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rsz_covercdfrontNic Mcnamara was born in Johannesburg South Africa and was surrounded by music at a very young age. Upon moving to the states Nic started his musical pursuits while learning recording engineering from his father Stevin Mcnamara – an accomplished musician and studio engineer since the 1970s.

Nic has been playing music in some form or another his entire life. He began recording under the name Black Bears Fire around 2012 and has self released 2 albums, the 2013 debut Start Sleeping In and the 2015 sophomore release The Bottomless Blue. He is currently working on a followup expected to be released in 2016.

He has played with a variety of musicians in live settings but writes, composes and records the majority of his music. Nic currently lives in Southern Oregon and plans to tour rigorously in the near future while continuing to record and produce albums.