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Kawlme Nnamdi

  1. Break It Kawlme Nnamdi 4:11
  2. Bain KawlMe Nnamdi 3:08
  3. @kawlmennamdi KawlMe Nnamdi 3:08

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KawlmeNnamdiA clever rhymer that hails from Maryland. Blunt but not reckless. I’m a truth teller. The world has been accustomed to ostensible perfection. Money, women, fame, drugs, cars… money. How else will you be renown? That’s just not me. My aesthetic is polar from the majority. So maybe I don’t sag or rap about “bad” females and getting money. Okay I’m not tatted up and I talk proper. Being this way I experienced significant opposition from potential producers to people who claim to know music. Since a young age I’ve been enthralled by music, especially rap. I’d make everything into a rhyme. From different renditions of music I’ve heard on the radio, to the menu in my elementary school cafeteria.

Reality Serum

  1. Here We Go Reality Serum 4:55
  2. Feels Good Reality Serum 3:30
  3. Smash Up Reality Serum 3:55

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Reality_Serum-2Reality Serum is a 2-man ‘Trans-urban’ band from Long Island, New York. ‘Trans-urban’ is a new genre which is a unique blend of Alternative Hip Hop and guitar driven psychedelic music… fans of Twenty One Pilots, Die Antwoord, Muse (band), The Prodigy, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Mobb Deep, Gary Numan, Cake, etc., will definitely be intrigued. Reality Serum consists of rapper/wordsmith Camanche and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Twizle. After their initial emergence in the music scene, they have received high praise for their musical styling and individualistic sound. The band has released two full-length albums and numerous singles on Supple Records, Inc.